Fees and Charges – Touring Dates

Below you will find my fees and charges applicable when on tour and separate fees applicable for FMTY ( fly me to you) dates outside of my tour dates. My tour dates are also listed on this page for your reference.

If you wish to meet me during one of my tours, please ge tin touch with me and schedule a date in advance. a 30% deposit is required to confirm your intentions. It is of worth mentioning I do not accept requests to meet without a dpeosit anywhere worldwide. This is the only way I can have a proper schedule and know what I am doing day to day. Touring Internationally is an expensive excercise, and without deposits, I just wouldnt tour. It is the deposits that actually pay for my expenses to be able to tour. I get some of you dont really care about that, but if you are not prepared to make arrangements with a deposit, I am afraid I cannot even consider meeting you. It is what it is.

All my tours listed below are tentative. If there are no pre confirmed requests to meet, the tour get’s cancelled and I will embark on a tour elsewhere where I have demand to visit.. And so waiting tilla rrive will actually work against you.

If you are lkeen to meet, please ge tin touch and schedule a date in advance.

Deposits are made via bank transfer.

Touring Fees – Worldwide

2 hours – $2000 USD

Dinner or Lunch Date – $3000 USD

Overnight Date – $5000 USD

24 hours – $7,000 USD

When on tour, I am always centrally located in luxury hotels, and incall and outcall availability is possible.

To make a booking during one of my tours, please send me an email to: steph@internationalescort.co.uk

Fly Me To You Fees – Worldwide 

Overnight – $7000 USD

24 hours – $9000 USD

Weekend Away – $15,000 USD

1 week away – $40,000 USD

2 weeks away – $50,000 USD

Please keep in mind the FMTY fees above are applicable for my time . Travel expense and incidentals are an additional cost.

Our time together begins when I arrive. I do not charge a fee for travel time. I am aware some ladies do, however I do not charge a fee while in the air.

International Tours – 2024

Currently touring Australian Cities

Singapore – March 2024

Hong Kong – March 2024

London, UK – June 2024

Paris, France – June 2024

Madrid, Spain – June 2024

Barcelona , Spain – June 2024

Milan, Italy – July 2024

Zurich, Switzerland – July 2024

Geneva, Switzerland – July 2024

Lausanne, Switzerland – July 2024

Monte Carlo, Monaco – July 2024

Manhattan, NYC – October 2024

Boston, MA – October 2024

Miami, FL – November 2024Los Angeles, CA – November 2024

Palm Springs – November 2024

San Diego – Novemebr 2024